Wii U games that still haven’t been ported to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been the subject of many leaks and rumors regarding their next console, leading many to believe that the Switch may be approaching the end of its life cycle. In its early years, the Switch saw a number of ports from the Wii U, with some offering additional content and enhancements. However, there are still several major Wii U games that have not made their way to the Switch, leaving fans curious about the possibility of future ports.

One such game is Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, which aimed to capitalize on the popularity of amiibo figurines but ultimately fell short of expectations. With a lackluster reception and an oversaturation of Animal Crossing amiibo, a port to the Switch seems highly unlikely.

Another Wii U title, Paper Mario: Color Splash, also faced challenges due to its reliance on expendable items and lack of character diversity. Despite some positive aspects like top-notch writing, its lackluster sales performance and the overshadowing of newer Paper Mario titles make a port to the Switch improbable.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, known for offering minimal content and little to differentiate it from previous games in the series, is another Wii U game that is unlikely to see a port to the Switch. With the superior Mario Tennis Aces already available on the Switch, Ultra Smash remains a relic of the Wii U era.

Star Fox Zero, while the most recent Star Fox title developed by Nintendo, faced criticism for its camera system, controls, and gameplay mechanics. With the series in need of a fresh approach beyond retelling the story of Star Fox 64, a port of Star Fox Zero to the Switch is unlikely without significant reworking.

Yoshi’s Woolly World, a critically acclaimed Wii U game, received a 3DS port but has yet to make its way to the Switch. Despite its success, the presence of Yoshi’s Crafted World on the Switch may hinder the chances of a Woolly World port, though fans remain hopeful for a combined version with added content.

Nintendo Land, a collection of mini-games showcasing the Wii U’s capabilities, was unable to replicate the success of Wii Sports as a pack-in title. The unique gameplay mechanics reliant on the Wii U GamePad make a port to the Switch nearly impossible without significant changes, relegating Nintendo Land to the Wii U console.

Pushmo World, a puzzle game series popular on the 3DS, has not made an appearance on the Switch despite its potential as a budget eShop title. With limited offerings in this genre on the Switch, fans are hopeful for a new installment in the Pushmo series to fill the void.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD, both beloved entries in the Zelda series, have yet to be ported to the Switch. With the success of Breath of the Wild attracting new players to the franchise, fans are eager for the opportunity to revisit these classic titles on the Switch.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, a game that heavily relied on the Wii U GamePad for gameplay mechanics, would require significant reworking for a potential Switch port. Despite its stellar graphics and soundtrack, the unique control scheme may pose challenges for adaptation to the Switch’s Joy-Con or Pro Controller.

Lastly, Xenoblade Chronicles X, the only major Xenoblade game not available on the Switch, recently lost its online features, making it a prime candidate for an enhanced port to the Switch. With the series nearly complete on the Switch and potential quality-of-life updates, fans are hopeful for Xenoblade Chronicles X to make its way to the platform.

Overall, there are still many Wii U games that have yet to make their way to the Switch, leaving fans eager for the possibility of future ports. As Nintendo continues to shape its lineup for the future, there remains hope that some of these beloved titles will find new life on the Switch.