Switch file size round-up for April 14th, 2024

The latest releases for the Nintendo Switch have finally arrived, and there are plenty of exciting titles to look forward to. Not only do we get a glimpse of what games are coming our way, but we also find out how much digital space they will take up. From high-octane racing games to mysterious adventure titles, there is something for everyone in this diverse lineup. Let’s explore the upcoming slate of Switch releases and see which ones catch your eye.

First up on the list is Megaton Musashi W: Wired, a thrilling action-packed game that will take up 17.4GB of digital space on your Switch. With stunning visuals and intense gameplay, this title is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat for hours on end. Next, we have MotoGP 24, a racing game that will require 10.4GB of storage. Get ready to speed through the tracks and compete against the best riders in the world in this adrenaline-pumping experience.

For fans of strategy and puzzle games, Library Of Ruina is a must-play title that will use up 5.1GB of space. With its captivating storyline and challenging gameplay, this game will keep you entertained for hours. If you’re looking for a more atmospheric experience, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron HD Remaster is the perfect choice at 5.0GB. Immerse yourself in a mystical world filled with ancient secrets and powerful beings as you embark on an epic journey.

A Tale of Paper: Refolded is a unique platformer that will take up 3.6GB of storage. Help the paper protagonist navigate through a world of origami obstacles and puzzles in this charming and innovative game. Fans of racing games will also enjoy Kanjozoku 2 – Drift Car Games, which requires 3.3GB of space. Drift around tight corners and master the art of precision driving in this fast-paced racing experience.

If you’re in the mood for a more narrative-driven game, Tell Me Your Story is a great option at 1.8GB. Dive into a world of mystery and intrigue as you unravel the secrets of the game’s characters through captivating storytelling. For a more lighthearted experience, check out Rose & Camellia Collection, a charming game that will use up 1.6GB of space. Help the protagonist navigate through a series of comedic scenarios and hilarious situations in this delightful collection of mini-games.

Romance MD: Always On Call is a heartwarming visual novel that will require 1.3GB of storage. Immerse yourself in a tale of love and friendship as you explore the game’s emotional storyline and engaging characters. Looking for a fun multiplayer experience? Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition is the perfect choice at 850MB. Battle against friends in fast-paced arena combat and show off your skills in this exciting party game.

For fans of role-playing games, Cyberpoly RPG – Dark City is a compelling title that will take up 669MB of space. Embark on a thrilling adventure through a futuristic city filled with danger and intrigue as you battle against powerful foes and uncover dark secrets. Hidden Cats in New York is a quirky hidden object game that will use up 652MB of storage. Search for elusive felines in the bustling streets of New York City and test your observation skills in this charming and relaxing game.

Space Routine is a captivating puzzle game that will require 475MB of storage. Solve intricate puzzles and navigate through futuristic environments in this visually stunning title. Sokobalien is a challenging puzzle game that will take up 456MB of space. Push crates and solve mind-bending puzzles in a whimsical alien world in this addictive and engaging game.

For fans of horror and mystery, The Mildew Children is a haunting title that will use up 438MB of storage. Explore a dilapidated orphanage and uncover the dark secrets that lie within its walls in this atmospheric and chilling game. Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse Ep2: Caged is a thrilling adventure game that requires 383MB of space. Navigate through a zombie-infested world and make tough decisions that will determine the fate of your character in this exciting and immersive game.

Sokobond Express is a clever puzzle game that will take up 373MB of storage. Bond molecules and solve challenging puzzles in this unique and educational game. Ikki Unite is a fast-paced action game that will require 370MB of space. Battle against powerful enemies and unleash devastating attacks in this adrenaline-fueled experience.

Cape’s Escape Game 8th Room is a captivating escape room game that will use up 346MB of storage. Solve intricate puzzles and uncover hidden clues as you navigate through a series of challenging rooms in this immersive and challenging game. Five Nights of Nightmare: Escape Horror Story is a spine-chilling horror game that requires 342MB of space. Survive against terrifying creatures and unravel the mystery of the haunted house in this pulse-pounding and suspenseful game.

Adventure Bar Story is a charming role-playing game that will take up 323MB of storage. Manage your own tavern and embark on epic quests in a whimsical fantasy world in this engaging and addictive title. Magical Girl Dash is a delightful endless runner game that requires 313MB of space. Dash through colorful landscapes and collect magical items in this fun and fast-paced game.

Odd Hue Out is a mesmerizing puzzle game that will use up 273MB of storage. Mix and match colors to solve challenging puzzles and unlock new levels in this visually striking and innovative game. Reigns: Beyond is a captivating strategy game that requires 242MB of space. Manage your own intergalactic band and make tough decisions to lead them to fame and fortune in this engaging and immersive title.

Cats Hidden in Italy is a charming hidden object game that will take up 229MB of storage. Search for elusive felines in picturesque Italian landscapes and test your observation skills in this relaxing and delightful game. Trackline Express is a thrilling racing game that requires 219MB of space. Speed through dynamic tracks and compete against skilled opponents in this adrenaline-pumping racing experience.

Dream Tactics is a strategic puzzle game that will use up 195MB of storage. Plan your moves carefully and outmaneuver your opponents in this engaging and challenging title. Full Metal Sergeant is an action-packed shooter game that requires 185MB of space. Battle against enemy forces and unleash devastating attacks in this fast-paced and explosive game.

For fans of mystery and suspense, False Dream is a gripping visual novel that will take up 179MB of storage. Uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious events and make difficult choices that will shape the outcome of the game in this atmospheric and captivating title. Space Mercenary Defense Force is a thrilling shooter game that requires 99MB of space. Fight against alien invaders and defend humanity from the brink of extinction in this high-energy and intense experience.

Zombies, Aliens and Guns is a fast-paced shooter game that will use up 82MB of storage. Take on hordes of zombies and aliens as you fight for survival in this action-packed and adrenaline-fueled game. Eggconsole Hydlide II PC-8801 is a retro-inspired adventure game that requires 42MB of space. Embark on a nostalgic journey through the world of classic gaming as you uncover secrets and solve challenging puzzles in this charming and engaging title.

With so many exciting titles to choose from, there is no shortage of entertainment waiting for you on the Nintendo Switch. Whether you’re a fan of action, adventure, puzzle, or strategy games, there is something for everyone in this diverse and captivating lineup. So clear some space on your Switch, grab your controller, and get ready to embark on unforgettable gaming experiences that will keep you coming back for more.