Surprise! A New Listing For Hollow Knight: Silksong Has Appeared Online

The latest update on “Hollow Knight: Silksong” reveals that the game has received an ESRB rating in South Korea, hinting at a possible upcoming release. News of this rating follows the recent appearance of the game on the Xbox store page, sparking excitement among fans.

Previously, “Hollow Knight: Silksong” had store pages on the Switch eShop, PlayStation Store, Steam, and GOG, but the addition of the Xbox listing with an E10+ ESRB rating has generated buzz. Social media posts from Xbox team members further fueled speculation about the sequel’s imminent arrival.

Additionally, the Xbox version of the game is set to receive a ‘Day One’ release on Game Pass, adding to the anticipation surrounding the title. While an official release date for “Hollow Knight: Silksong” has yet to be announced, the recent developments have fans eagerly awaiting further news.

Do you believe we will finally see “Hollow Knight: Silksong” in 2024? Have you played the original game? Stay tuned for updates as soon as they become available.