SaGa Emerald Beyond demo now on Switch

Start Your Grand Adventure with SaGa Emerald Beyond Demo

Are you looking to kick off spring with a new, exciting journey? SQUARE ENIX is here to help you take that first step into the unknown. In anticipation of the SaGa Emerald Beyond release later this month, the company has unveiled a demo that allows players to immerse themselves in several hours of gameplay, experiencing one of three captivating storylines based on their platform of choice.

The Nintendo Switch demo introduces players to Ameya, a witch-in-training who disguises herself as a schoolgirl in Miyako City as part of her graduation exam. After being attacked and losing most of her magical abilities, Ameya must embark on a quest to reclaim her powers and pass her final test.

For PlayStation 4 and 5 users, the demo features Tsunanori Mido, while PC players will follow the story of Diva No. 5. Fear not, Nintendo enthusiasts, as the full game will allow you to delve into the stories of all six main characters. Beginning with Ameya in the demo ensures a seamless transition to the complete game, as save data will carry over to the full version on each respective platform.

With a standalone narrative that combines elements from previous SaGa titles, SaGa Emerald Beyond promises players a unique gaming experience shaped by their decisions. The game will include:

  • Six diverse leading characters with different backgrounds and objectives spread across five distinct story arcs. Multiple playthroughs will unveil new events and narratives, even with the same character.
  • Unprecedented branching storylines, offering players endless possibilities and multiple endings for each protagonist based on their choices.
  • Enhanced Timeline Battles, a hallmark of the SaGa series, featuring a revamped combat system that emphasizes strategic gameplay. Engage in dynamic battles, support allies, disrupt enemy actions, and unleash powerful United Attacks by tactically manipulating the order of actions.

Set to launch digitally on April 25, 2024, SaGa Emerald Beyond is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB. The demo is now available, and pre-orders can be placed on Nintendo’s official website. For additional details, visit the official SaGa franchise website at