Review: Cybertrash STATYX (Nintendo Switch)

The Cybertrash STATYX game had me excited at first, promising a retro-visual platformer filled with action and shooting bad guys. And while it delivered on that front, it also left me feeling somewhat disappointed.

As someone who has mixed feelings about retro games with 8-bit graphics on the Nintendo Switch, I was pleasantly surprised by how Cybertrash STATYX managed to pull off the aesthetic without being too annoying. The game’s use of form, color, and definition made it visually appealing, and the 2D platformer gameplay kept me engaged with its timing-dependent jumps, runs, and slides.

The game does have a storyline, but it’s nothing to write home about. The audio, much like the visuals, feels a bit outdated but still tolerable. One interesting aspect of Cybertrash STATYX is its tutorial, which sees you following a friend who gives you advice through text bubbles as you learn how to navigate the world with running, sliding, and jumping.

In terms of gameplay, you’ll find yourself jumping, sliding, and running through challenging paths while also shooting bad guys and facing off against bosses. However, where the game falls short is in its movement controls. While the initial controls seem straightforward, things quickly get complicated when you have to combine movements to perform actions like high jumps.

The awkward control scheme for executing high jumps and double-jumps left me frustrated and ultimately detracted from my overall enjoyment of the game. Other platformers I’ve played have simplified this process, making Cybertrash STATYX’s approach feel unnecessarily convoluted.

Despite my initial hopes for Cybertrash STATYX, I found myself feeling indifferent towards the game. If you’re someone who values smooth movement mechanics in platformers, you may want to explore other options that offer a more user-friendly experience. Ultimately, while Cybertrash STATYX has its strengths, its flawed controls prevented me from fully embracing it as a standout title in the genre.