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A poker game that is as good as the real deal


This year’s European Poker Tour Barcelona, the first leg in the eight tournaments for the continental poker league, is said to be the most successful in the history of the tournament. The event, which kicked off on September 1, tallied a total of 1,234 players from more than 30 countries. The league’s organizers said that this year’s event in Barcelona recorded the highest number of attendees for the entire history of the European Poker Tour.

Among the participating countries, Germany recorded the biggest number of players at 138, or 11% of the total number of players. The statistics are somehow surprising because the country famous for sausages, Bundesliga, and Michael Schumacher isn’t really famous for producing a lot of famous live poker players. From the said number of German players who participated in the EPT, it appears that most of those players honed their skills using the online version of the card game. Despite being introduced only a few years ago, Germany caught up with the online poker fever quickly. Armed with only their smartphones and laptops, some German players were able to represent their country in prestigious poker tournaments such as the EPT.

Fortunately, you can be like these Germans too. However, professional poker players started their journey to becoming pros by playing virtual poker games. While several games on the market claim that they are the best poker game around, no game can beat a title that is highly recommended by the industry’s top leagues. And would you have doubts if your game bears the name of the World Series of Poker in its title?

The game World Series of Poker: Deluxe Series, a poker game from Crave Entertainment, is the closest thing that you can have to an authentic professional poker event. This game brings the best of Las Vegas and Atlantic City entertainment straight to your hands. Aside from competing against AIs on single player mode, you can also put your card skills to the test by competing with other players from different parts of the globe.

Aside from quality gameplay, you can also enjoy the superior graphics and intuitive interface of the game. Playing WSOP: Deluxe Series will make you feel like you’re playing at the PartyPoker Premier League or the World Poker Tour. This game features a 3D casino environment and beautiful 3D player models and poker rooms. It also boasts a “smack talk” system that lets players trash talk to each other.

WSOP: Deluxe Series offers poker variants like Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud, Five-Card Draw and Baseball. As of the moment, the game is only offered to Nintendo DS users.