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The Mushroom Kingdom / Hai Guys!
« on: February 16, 2011, 07:56:32 AM »
Wow its been ages! Looks like the sites going well, hows everyone been?

Second Generation / OoT Redux
« on: August 17, 2009, 04:10:02 AM »

Nintendo Gaming / Super Metroid Hacking
« on: August 04, 2008, 12:47:29 PM »
So.... if you use  program called SMILE , a Super Metroid (JU) ROM (NOT E!!!!!!!) and a lot of time you can make some pretty cool hacks.

That said i was fiddling with the program last night and rebuilt the bottom half of the landing site.

The i realized that I was using a E ROM which has problems with moving items and had to start over.

Anyway i might be making my own hack depending on how much SMILE fights back(so far alot)

Comments on layout?

Wii / Brawl Events Stock
« on: March 31, 2008, 06:11:55 PM »
This topic will determine the amount of lives used in our games.

If its other post what you think.

iNintendo Events / Super Smash Bros Brawl Events
« on: March 23, 2008, 10:57:44 PM »
Super Smash Bros Brawl (SSBB) is a revolutionary new game that allows us to take many of our favorite classic heroes into an arena and have them beat the **** out of each other. Its an excellent concept but why do we need to host an event for it? BECAUSE ITS SUPER SMASH BROS!!!!!

Zelda Adventures is going to be hosting several events depending how many people sign up. So far I plan on having a stock tree tournament, a team stock tree tournament(I want it to happen so bad, but i doubt it with our numbers), a goofy tree tournament(trust me I'll find a way :darklink:), And a point based series of matches for an awesome reward(I'll sleep on the system as this topic will become more complete as nights pass. And me and Zeypher have confirmed rewards just not what they are....).
If your interested post here with your brawl code(Im not digging in the other topic just do it lazys) and let me know what events you may be interested in, or even throw in ideas of your own! ;D

General Entrants
Chozun : 1590 4396 4743
Ziek :
Black_Mage : 2019-9340-2880
Twilight Infinity : 4382-1662-6184
The King of Hyrule : 3222-5220-9454
zeypherlink(5) : 2019 9328 0070 :
sba sb3002: 1547 5092 1664
Klown: 3394 3216 6424
Nnja : 2793-0308-1831
Pinky(2) :
Link-NM: 3308 4236 8154
lmalsblecky: 4081 6430 9894
Zane: 3737 9197 1490


Team Tourney
3 Stock + No Items!
You get one partner throughout the tournament, so choose wisely! It will also help if your partner can be on the same Wii as you, and they don't have to be a member on the forum...although the person will have to play on the same Wii as you...if that makes any sense.
We don't have a date for this event yet, but when you post to join this event, please say what days are best for you.
A trophey will be awarded to both members of the winning team, and 2 points for the team that takes second!

Zeypherlink & Nate
Nnja & Pinky
Twilight Infinity & Minish Cap
lmalsblecky & Zane

TI & MC VS Zane & Llama
Zeypher & Nate VS Nnja & Pinky
TI & MC VS Nnja & Pinky
Zane & Llama VS Zeypher & Nate
TI & MC VS Zeypher & Nate
Zane & Llama VS Nnja & Pinky

Each round consists of 3 matches of 3 stock, the team with the most rounds won wins the tournament.
You don't have to do the matches in this order.
Decide a time for each match sometime within the next 1-3 weeks, and report back here with the victor.

For Sure
Something might come up
Not likely but possible

Lumpy Pumpkin / How to Live Life Properly by Chozun
« on: February 29, 2008, 11:05:13 PM »
Lesson One

Develop your own type of procrastination.

Start with this easy to follow chart and adapt your life style to follow it.

After that simply just start adding more and more meaningless,effortless tasks to the loop part of the chart.

If there are any questions feel free to ask hitlerZeypher wont mind, its a valid discussion.

Part 2 comes..........................................later. DISCUSS!!

Lumpy Pumpkin / Cruelty Towards Siblings
« on: February 11, 2008, 08:48:59 AM »
Well this is a topic about what evil senseless things you do to your siblings.

Its gonna be a fun topic and we ar not gonna spam it and piss off HitlerIMEAN Zeypher.

Anyway heres something I did just last night.

Talen(lil bro) went over to his friends house for 2 hours and he left myspace IM logged on.....SOOO
We(Me and my neighbor) used that to get on his myspace and change a couple of things around for him.
The end result was.....

Needless to say he was pissed and he called about 5 minutes later cussing at us.

But we managed to trick him into thinking we didnt do it and mom was teasing him saying is there somthing we need to talk about talen? Its ok to be gay  ;D

Poor guy. Hes just so easy to mess with.

What have other people done?

Sony Gaming / Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
« on: January 28, 2008, 06:24:10 PM »
Has anyone even heard of these games?

If not you are all missing out.

Awesome SRPG's I recommend them to all who have common sense.

Wii / Sign here if you have pre-ordered Brawl
« on: January 24, 2008, 10:03:52 PM »
I have. YAY

Lucky Bastards
Twilight Infinity

PC Gaming / WoW
« on: January 21, 2008, 05:50:59 PM »
Does anyone even play this?

If so...

Kekk 70 Orc Hunter (Dethroc)

The Art Easel / A request of epic proportions
« on: January 20, 2008, 07:48:53 PM »
So yeah....

You know the link smilys?



Im looking for a spriter to edit one so it has an evil grin with a fang showing. And then it also need the eyes to be hidden in shadow but glowing red.

If anyone could do this it would be awesome and would receive eternal gratitude.

Second Generation / OOT HP Guide WIP Picture heavy
« on: December 22, 2007, 05:45:08 PM »
Heart Pieces By Chozun

#1 Go to lon lon ranch and head to the the tower in the very back.
Inside move the boxes so you can get in the area in the corner afterwards
crawl through the tunnel and grab your reward.

#2 Go to the Lost woods and then take the left tunnel. You should see a
Stump and a Skull Kid on a higher stump. Get on the stump and play Saria's
Song. He will give you a heart.

#3 Go back to the entrance of Lost Woods and go right this time. Jump to
the bottom of the room and stand on the stump. Take out your ocarina and
win their game 3 times to get your heart.

#4 Go to the graveyard at night and talk to Dampé. For 10 Rubees he will dig
a hole. In one of the places he digs theres a heart.

#5 Form the large tombstone in the back go down to the closest row of graves.
not counting the two by the big one. Open the second one on your left and enter
hole. Kill the ReDead and play the suns song to make a chest appear. Open it
for you prize.

#6 Go to the market at night. Avoiding the dogs go behind the stall to the left
of the entrance. Get the white dog there to follow you. After that go to the left
Ally entrance and go to the back door. Talk to the lady for your prize. If you got
another dog talk to her to dump it

#7 Go to the fishing pond in Lake Hylia and catch a large fish.(10+ pounds I think)
Talk to the guy and he gives you a heart.

#8 Go to the bridge in Gerudo Vally. Grab the chicken and jump off the right
side of the bridge. when you land on the area below run up to the waterfall
and jumb behind it. Climb the ladder and pick up the heart.

#9 Go back up and jump off the left side this time. Land where the box is and
break it.

#10 After Dodongos Cavern Climb to the top of Death Mountain and get a ride with
the owl. when you land stay on the house. Go left and fall off (not jump) go in the
hole in the wall to claim your prize.

#11 Win it at the Bombchu Bowling Ally in the Market.

#12 At the bottom level of Goron City light all the torchs. After you do so the urn will
start to spin. When it does throw a bomb in it and if it stops on the right face, you
get your heart.

#13 Head back to Lake Hylia but before you get there you will se a square of fences.
Go to the center and drop a bomb. A hole will open and inside a Scrub will sell you a
 heart for 10 rubees.

#14 Go to Zora's River. Bomb the rocks if they are still there and grab the chicken.
Now go up the river past the first Octorok and go up the slope. You should see the
heart two jumps away. With the chciken, jump the first gap and at the last second
press B to drop the chicken and grab the ledge. After that jump to the heart.

#15 Get the chicken and go to the very end of Zora's River from the panel where
you play Zeldas Lullaby and facing away from the waterfall you should see the heart.
with the chicken go to the right wall and glide to it.

#16 Go to King Zoras room in Zora's Domain. Light a deku stick and use it to light the
braizer with a fresh burning sitck run down the path and light the
torchs, outside the shop, in the shallow water, and behind the waterfall. if you light
all four, a chest with a heart appears. If not you were too slow and a torch burnt out.

#17 If you planted a magic bean in the Graveyard, you can return as an adult and ride
plant that is now there to ledge with a crate. Break the crate for the heart. If you didnt,
fear not! You can become a child again after Forest Temple.

#18 If you havnt seen the grave in the first picture.. then its Dampé's grave. Inside he
will race you and give you the hookshot if you win. at the end of the race you will see a
blue block. Play the song of time to make it disappear. Go up the stairs and you should
yourself in the Windmill. A few more jumps will find you holding a heart piece. If your
afraid you might mess up and fall, just shoot the hookshot at the floor under the heart
and it will pull you to it.

#19 Return to Zora's Fountain as an adult. Jump across the ice and when you reach a fork
go right. The heart piece will be on the last platform.

#20 Go to the room below and look to the left. behing some ice you will see a heart frozen
in red ice.

#21 At the bottom of Zora's Fountain. You need Iron Boots and Zora Tunic to get it.

#22 After you get the Golden Scale go to the Lakeside Laboratory and dive to the bottom of the
pool. Rise up and talk to the guy for your reward.

Whenever there is something on this page that isn't on the site I will make note of it here.
12/24 6:27 AM: Added HP #'s 16-22

For suggestions

« on: December 22, 2007, 12:53:12 PM »
GS guide by Chozun

#1 Found in the door on the highest level of the Deku Tree.
When you enter the room go to the bottom and kill the big skulltula.
afterwards go back too the top and hit the switch. quickly jump to
the alcove to the left. and the GS is behind the small chest.

#2 On B1 of the Deku Tree after you fall through the web.
climb onto the the ledge and take out your slingshot look at the vine wall.
Shoot the guy and then climb up and claim your token.

#3 same room on the wood gate thingy shoot it then jump for the token

#4 In the pot room of the market. in one of the crates near the back of the
room, roll into the crates to find it.

#5 When heading to Hyrule Castle roll into the tree that the owl was in.

#6 When entering Lon Lon Ranch walk past the houses and then turn left.
You will see a tree, roll into then kill the spider.

#7 If you go to Lon Lon Ranch at night. and go behind the corral, a spider
will be waiting on the wall.

#8 Wait untill night then return to Kokiri Village. Go up the hill to the Know It
All Brothers House and look on the left side of the house.

#9 On the left side of the graveyard theres a square of soil. Drop a bug there
to force the Skulltula to come out.

#10 Roll into the tree at the entrance of Kakariko Village.

#11 On the top left are of Kakariko village theres a tower with a ladder.
if you go there at night theres a Gold Skulltula near the top. Shoot it then climb
for the token.

#12 Go to Kakariko Village at night and walk to the death mountain gate. Turn
around and look at the house to the right. there will be a Gold Skulltula on the wall.

#13 In Kakariko Village at night got to the construction in the middle of the town.
The Gold Skulltula is in the middle.

#14 On the left side of the Skulltula house in Kakariko Village at night.

#15 Behind the shop in Kokiri Forest theres a spot of soil. Use some bugs to reveal
the Skulltula. And from this point on I will just type Soil and the location.

#16 Theres a spot of soil in two rooms to the left in Lost Woods

#17 In Lost Woods go right, left, right, left, then left and you will find a room with two
Business Scrubs. Theres some soil in this room, so use the bugs.

#18 Soft soil next to lab in Lake Hylia.

#19 Also in Lake Hylia you can swim out to a smal island with two colums on it.
If you make it night a Skulltula will appear.

#20 Right when you enter Zoras River theres a tree. Roll into it and kill your foe.

#21 Go to the bridge in Gerudo Vally. Grab the chicken and jump off the right
side of the bridge. When you land in the area below go and fine the soil and drop the bug.

#22 Just outside of Dodongos Cavern there is some soil.

#23 Navagate to the hilighted room in the below screen. It will be waiting with some
keese in the back of the room.

#24 Climb to the very top of the room shown below. and turn around. There should be a Skullwalltula
and a Gold Skulltula on the vines.

#25 In the room below theres a Gold Skulltula behind the Armos. 

#26 Travel to the top of Death Mountain and enter the Crater. Quickly break
the crate and kill the Gold Skulltula.

#27 Go to the top floor of Goron City and kerplode the boulders up there. Behind
them is a room with a boulder maze. Bomb your way through and eventually you
will find two chests and a box. Break the box and kill the Gold Skulltula.

#28 At the top of Zora's River just outside the Domain, jump down into the shallow water and
run to the ladder. At night theres a Skulltula on it.

#29 Go to Zora's Fountain and swim to the far off island. There should be a tree here. Roll into
it to make a Skulltula drop.

#30 In the hilighted room shoot the Skulltula on the wall. And then raise the water so you can
climb to it.

#31 After destroying all 3 slimy things. Go to the room where you found Ruto and jump down
the hole where the slimy thing was. when you land you will see it

#32 Just to the right of #31

#33 In the room right before Barinade there is a Skulltula on the vines on the left side.

#34 After you finish Jabu-Jabu's Belly make it night and the climb up the branch sticking out
of the water. Kill the Skulltula on the wall and throw your Boomerang for the token.

#35 Now that you have bombs and boomerang. Go to this room in the screenshot. and
And look to the left. Kill it and take your token.

#36 When you get the boomerang go back to Lon Lon Ranch at night.
There will be a Skulltula on the window of Talon's house.

#37 Also in Lon Lon Ranch at night. this one is waiting on the wall abit to the right of the
building in the back of the ranch with the boxes and the cow's.

#38 Go back to to the Graveyard at night and find this Skulltula on the right wall
near the back. Use the boomerang to kill it.

#39 When heading up Death Mountain you might have noticed a strange wall...
bomb it and you will find a Skulltula.

#40 Return to Dodongos Cavern and return to the room where you found GS # 24
Except  use the platform in the main room to enter it from the other side. The staircase
 should be raised. Jump on it and then climb it to find the Skulltula.

#41 Lake Hylia at night. Walk to the first bridge and look at the side of the house.
Use the Boomerang for the token.

#42 Gerudo's Valley at night. there should be a small waterfall near the entrance.
At night theres also a Gold Skulltula there.

#43 Go to Hyrule Field and from the castles side cross the bridge headin to Kakariko.
You should see a tree now. Bomb the base and drop down. Kill the Big Skulltula and
then look up in the webs for the Gold Skulltula.

#44 Once you get the Hookshot return to where Hyrule Castle used to be. You should
see Ganon's Castle. After your done freaking out head past the old white arch and turn
around. You should see the Skulltula on the back of the arch.

#45 Head back to Zora's river at night and head up the river to the bridge. turn around
and jump in the river. go down untill you see a ledge and a ladder. Climb the ladder then
turn around and look to your right. Its on the wall

#46 Return to Zora's Domain and head to the top of the waterfall. While standing on the
frozen ledge turn left to find the Skulltula.

#47 In the Ice Cavern in the spinning fan room, there is a Gold Skulltula on the wall behind
some ice.

#48 In the room below go to where the heart piece was/is and turn around. the Skulltula is on the
coulum to your left.

#49 When you first enter the room below turn left. You should see the Skulltula on
the wall across the pit.

#50 After you get the Iron Boots go to the Lakeside Laboratory and sink down to
the bottom of the pool. Break the crate at the bottom and kill the Skulltula with the

Whenever there is something on this page that isn't on the site I will make note of it here.
12/24 6:08 AM: Added GS #34 - #50 HALF WAY POINT!!!!!!

For suggestions

Second Generation / OOT enemy Picture guide WIP WARNING PICTURE HEAVY!!!
« on: December 21, 2007, 04:58:15 PM »
Enemy Guide by Chozun

name/Dif to kill 1 to 5 *

In order of me finding them


Mido / *****

Leader of kokiri hes a pain in the a$$. To despose of him you actually
 HAVE to go and find a sword, a sheild, and then TALK to him.


Deku Baba (Stick) / *

Well you COULD just walk past them because you just about have to TRY to get
them to hurt you.... anyway slash them to kill. if that proves too difficult
throw a nut to stun them then slash to kill.


Deku Baba (nut) / *

More often then not you can STILL walk around theses guys, but
if your a homicidal maniac and you MUST kill them... then slash them
twice. Your reward is..... a bundle of nuts. or if you stun them with
a nut and kill em you get a stick.


Deku Scrub / *

Sit down. Hold out your sheild.Wait for him to spit a nut. The nut will bounce
off your sheild. He will get hit. He will flee. You will chase. He will talk. He will leave.


Skullwalltula / *

SHOOT EM MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! OR if you feel gutsy climb the wall
when their not looking.


Big Skulltula / *

When you get close they will come down to face you. To kill them you have to hit them twice.
easy right? Yeah but there is a catch. They have a thick shell on their front side making them
immune to all of your attacks. Fortunatly every few seconds they will turn to let you kill them.
if they spin too fast for you to kill them, throw a nut to stun them first.


Gold Skulltula  / *

Kill these and then collect their tokens for rewards.


Ghoma egg / *

Shoot <3


Ghoma Larva / **

These guys are the first enemys in the game that can walk. which makes them less easy to kill
... i guess. Anyway to kill them either slash them or shoot them. One thing to note is that they
will periodicly turn red. when they do they are about to leap forward and attack.

Ghoma / **

After the cutscene Ghoma will immediatly run up to you and prepare to attack. While shes doing
so you can stun her and attack her yourself. To stun her either throw a nut or shoot her in the
eye when it turns red. When she stunned attack her with your sword. Ater you do she will flee
to the ceiling and start to drop eggs.

If you dont want to fight babys then shoot her in the eye when shes droping them. if your too
slow simply kill the babys and continue the battle. If you do shoot her she will fall to the floor
stunned. After which you can hit her some more.

Eventually the queen will fall and you will be rewarded a Heart and a portal.

~Bada$$ Single Cycle Strategy~

One of your attacks that you can use calculates damge differntly then the rest of your attacks.
this attack is the crouch stab. It takes the damage from the last attaack you used and uses it as
its own. So therefore we can do more damage faster than we thought! lets see what we can
do right now......

Slash = 1dmg
Jumpslash = 2dmg
Deku Stick =2 dmg
Deku Stick Jumpslash =4dmg!!!

So if we were to use a deku stick jumpslash and then a crouch stab then we could do alot of
damage really fast!

So enter the room and trigger the cutscene. after the battle starts run off and do a deku stick
jumpslash. Afterwards make sure you are NOT z-targeting her. Run up to her and get as close as
you can, throw a nut and then hold R and hit B as fast as you can. If you did it right the battle will
be over before she even knew what hit her.

Mido MkII / ***

Hes abit easier now all you have to do is bear talking to the guy.

Stalchild / *

Hack and slash.

Peahat / ***

These guys are a pain. They fly around with spinning blades. They also sometimes send babys to
 annoy you. To kill them shoot their root several times. They explode when they die.

Peahat Larva / *

Comes in groups of 3. Simply deflect them off your sheild.

Guay / *

These guys are guay. Just shoot em or ignore em. If they attack you block with sheild.

Big Guay / *

If you keep killing Guays a big one will appear. Kill it and you get 20 rubees.

Business Scrub / *

Like Deku Scrub, but when they get hit they stand up and sell you stuff.

Wolfos / ***

This is the toughest enemy that you have faced thus far. When they see you they 
will run straight up to you and slash twice. If you block they will recoil and try again.
If you dodge they will spin around and you can slash their tail. to kill them you either
slash their tail several times or time attacks on their stomachs several times.

Mad Scrub / *

Like the Deku Scrub block with sheild. But unlike the Deku Scrub the shoot 3 nuts and
 you have to slash them to kill them.

Keese / **

Same as Guay's really. Exept its harder to ignore em. Just shoot em. Its fun.

ReDead / ***

These guys are extremly annoying. The walk really slow. But they scream and that will
stuns you. And if you dont get out fast enough they will hump you to death. They
have alot of health so its usually best to run past em. If you play the Suns Song it
will immobolize them.

Poe / **

If you Z-Target them they become invincible. when they spin their torch run to the side.
To kill either shoot them or cut them several times. When they die you can catch their
spirit in a bottle

Red Tektite / *

They jump around but its not too tough to deal with em. Slash or shoot.

Blue Tektite / **

Same as above with double the health and they can often be found gliding on water.

Beamos / **

These statues have an eye that rotates. If it sees you it will chase you with a laser.
When you first meet them you can only kill them with bomb flowers. But later you will get bombs
to kill them with. You can stun them by shooting them in the eye. They explode like most enemy's here.

Baby Dodongo / *

Slash to kill. Run away after cuz they kerplode.

Lizalfos / **

These guys are fun to fight! Guard their blows and attack till one runs away.
When it does his freind will come and fight you for abit. If you have alot of deku
skicks you can 2 cycle them with jumpslashes.

Dodongo / **

Just be wary of fire. And attack their tails. They kerplode when they die.

Armos / ***

Same as beamos really eccept instead of shooting they hop after you.
Bombs and bomb flowers kill em. They explode.

Fire Keese / **

Same as keese except they do more damage and will burn your sheild.

Slider / **

Traps just carfully pass them.

King Dodongo / **

Easier than Ghoma I think....

Anyway first thing he will do is spit fire at you. you can either try to stun
him by throwing a bomb at him, or if you dont think you have time you can
flee to one of the four safe zones in the corners near the water.

His other attack has him curl up and roll around. the safe zones are still
safe for this attack too.

Anyway when hes about to burn you throw a bomb in his mouth. that will
Stun him allowing you to attack him. Repeat this till he's history.

Also if you want to continue to be Bada$$ you can do the same thing you did to
Ghoma to two hit kill em.

Octorok / *

An easy foe, more annoying than anything. They jump out of water spitting rocks
at you. To kill them just hit them by deflecting the rock off your shield.

Shabom / **

Annoying little pest. Slashing it is stupid cuz it will just hurt you. And its immune to
slingshot. So what can you do to stop it? DEKU NUT! Really if you have alot of them
they are the best weapon for killing Shabom. Later you get the Boomerang which
will also kill them.

Biri / **

Same as Shabom really, except Deku nuts dont kill them, but they DO stun them AND
make them safe to slash. So throw a nut then slash to dispatch. Boomerang Pwns them.

Bari / ***

Same as Biri cept they spin and are bigger. They take two hits to kill. when they die
they split into three biri.

Stinger / *

Walk over them to make them surface, then shoot them or slash them.

Tailpasaran / **

Just run past them. No reason to do otherwise.

Parasitic Tentacle / ***

You need the Boomerang to kill em. Get colse to make it drop thrown the Boomerang
and hope it hits. Repeat to kill.

Bigocto / ***

He will chase you around the room. So stun him with Boomerang and get behind him and do a deku
stick jumpslash on the green eye to one hit kill em.

Barinade / ****

Finally the first real boss. Make sure you have plenty of health and maybe a fairy before starting the fight.

~Phase 1~

There are three Satalite thingys on his head that will shoot electricity at you, these will attack you throughout
the entire battle. Side jump around him and you should be safe. Anyway there are three tenicles on the cieling.
 Throw your Boomerang at them to start the next phase.

~Phase 2~

At this point hes still rooted in the middle but now there are some Bari that fly around him. throw
your Boomerang at him to break his control over the Bari than kill them with your sword. When all the Bari
are dead he will come out of the ground and begin the final phase.

~Phase 3~

He will spin all around the room with a defensive layer of Bari spinning around him and shooting lightning.
throw your boomerang at him to stun him and scatter the bari. Now you can either attack him or kill the Bari.
If you kill the bari he will start spinning again and he will only be ablle to ram you or blast you with lightning.
To finish him. Stun him again and slash away. it will most likly take 2 cycles of this to finish him.

Big Poe / **

When you get both Epona and your bow you can meet these in Hyrule Field. They will appear if you run over
a certain area on epona. When one does appear shoot it with you bow till it dies. When it falls catch it spirit in
Bottle and take it to the pot room in the market. When you have caught and given this guy all ten spirits, you
will get the games last bottle.

Freezard / ***

These guys move really slow but have a long range freezing breath. You have to attack them three times to dispatch
them. If you are too slow to finish them they will disappear and return fully healed.
Ice Keese / **

Same as Fire Keese except these guys freeze you in a block of ice. Shoot em.

White Wolfos / ***

Same as Wolfos, but with more health.

Big Deku Baba / **

Same as Deku Baba, wxcept it has alot more range and more health.

Skull Kid / ****

He was your freind as a kid but he hates you as an adult. He's really fast and he can actually hurt you pretty fast.
You have to catch him and hit him with your sword to kill him. He has alot of health and if your too slow he will leave.
If you kill him he drops a huge rubee. Also if you did the mask side-quest he will be wearing the Skull Mask.

Mido MKIII / **********

Here it is.... the final battle. This time talking to him does no good and it seems theres no hope for getting rid of him.
But there is hope.... Saria's Song! Play it and he will go the f*** away for good.

Or if you want to be a Bada$$ you can jump OVER him by getting as close to the door as he will let you. Then turn around
and activate first person. Get out of first person and quickly do a backflip. If you are too slow you will just talk to him.


Moblin / ****

These guys will ambush you if you mindlessly enter their territory. To kill them sneak up behind them and shoot them.

Big Moblin? (If anyone knows the name email me) / **

Run Left, run right, run left, run right..... where did he go? OH! Hes behind you staring off into space. Slash him to put him
out of his misery.

Blue Bubble / *

Hookshot to stun it or sheild to dispel its flame. When its not on fire you can kill it with your sword.

Stalfos / ***

They have a shield which makes things difficult. Block their attacks and try to find an opening. In some situations you have
to kill them fast or they will revive themselves.

Wallmaster / **

Easily the most cruel evil unforgiving merciless monster in the game. When you walk into their room the shadow at
your feet will start to expand. When its as large as a switch it will stop following you.... MOVE! A giant had will fall
and if it lands on you, you will return to the entrance to the dungeon. If they miss you can kill them so they wont
bug you anymore.

Joelle / **

First poe sister. After you shoot the pictures to summon her. Z-target her. Block her when she spin attacks you
and attack her when shes visible and not spinning.

Beth / **

The second sister. Fighting her is the same as Joelle, except she seems to attack less often.

Floormaster / ***

Avoid their charge it hurts. Slash it to kill. When you kill it it splits into three, so kill them. If the tiny ones latch on you they will
hurt you alot and then, however many are still alive become a single big one again. If all three latch on you they can co through
AT LEAST 12 hearts. Be very careful.

Green Bubble / *

Same as Blue Bubble, but they move on a set path. and drop their flame for timed intervals. Either you can wait for their flame to die
or you can kill them like a Blue Bubble.

Amy / **

Third poe sister. After solving the block puzzle. Shes the same as the other sisters.

Meg / ***

Last poe sister. Shes abit different. She spits into four and you have to shoot her.
If you shoot wrong three times she attacks you. The real Meg always spins when she appears,
so this battle is easy.

Phantom Ganon / ****

First Boss as an adult, and quite a challenging battle at that.

~Phase 1~

He starts on his horse running out of the paintings in the room. There are two Ganons that pass
through the paintings. Theres a fake one that will turn around when it gets to you and a real one
that will come out of the painting and zapatize you. When hes coming out of the painting and is
surrounded by shadows you can shoot him. Repeat till he ditches the horse.

~Phase 2~

Ok now you have to deflect the ball of light he throws at you back at him. Sometimes he will hit it back,
if he does you will end up playing a game of tennis till he gets stunned. When he falls....hurt him. Repeat
till dead.

Bada$$ Single cycle. After he drops his horse. You can do the infinite sword glitch to kill him super fast.
Take out a bomb put it down and quickly hold R and tap B as fast as you can. While stabing the bomb
the second time hit A if you did it right link will put up his sword and when he does a white ray of light will
follow the sword. If not try again, when it works throw the bomb and then face Ganon. DO NOT TOUCH B!!!
Stand still and just face him. when he throws a ball it will bounce off you. The reason for this is that the glitch
makes it so a invisible sword is stabing in front of you at a millon times per second. Anyway when he falls walk
towards him if done right....he shall be pwned.

Whenever there is something on this page that isn't on the site I will make note of it here.
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Introductions / I guess im new too.
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Hey im a friend of Killaclown.
Im also a long time member (lurker with an account is more like it) of Speed Demos Archive, or SDA which over the years has made me quite knowledgeable.
I can answer almost any question the relates to Zelda Tp or OOT glitches and and i can also provide video links for the lazy.

And im bored alot so GIVE ME SOMTHING TO DO!

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