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Staff Openings

Staff Openings

Want to join the iNintendo Team? Please look below at the available openings and decide which you're most interested in. Email carl [at] inintendo [dot] net with the subject line "iNintendo Openings" along with which position you're applying for and clips of your previous work. Openings are presented in most important to least important and are all volunteer only.

Columnist/Editorial Writer
Someone who has strong opinions about current Nintendo and video game related news and happenings. Example of an Editorial piece.

DS Backlog Reviewer
Someone who has a great love for Nintendo's current handheld is needed to review already-released DS titles in an effort to increase iNintendo's short list of DS reviews.

News Editor
Someone who is always checking the latest Nintendo-related headlines is needed to post the biggest news stories on iNintendo.