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Humble Beginnings
On June 14, 2007, the Internet was changed forever. Carl B, then known as the gallant "Zeypher_Link," created a Zelda website called "Zelda Adventures" on, a free website provider. With little knowledge in HTML Carl was able to make a terrible looking site and a forum with a slightly more appealing design. After a few weeks of creating content and signing up duplicate accounts on the forum so people would think the site had members, a simple, 2D Zelda MMO titled "Project Zelda" entered its Beta phase, allowing anyone to download and play the game. On Project Zelda, Carl met Chris P, who went by "Killaklown" at the time, and the two became friends. Shortly thereafter Carl told Chris about his Zelda site and asked him to join the forums, which he did. The two also met longtime member and forum Super Moderator, Nnja, on Project Zelda. A few weeks later Joey E. found Zelda Adventures through a random Google search, which he claims to have looked through eight pages of search results until he found a small Zelda community to join.

Zelda Adventures V2
With the help of Chris and Joey, Carl created a new design for Zelda Adventures, pictured below. At the time the design was considered to be really awesome.
Zelda Adventures V2
Click on the image to view a larger version.

This early version of the site used extremely primitive coding based around an HTML structure - the current site runs on a custom PHP content management system. Despite the multitude of pop-up ads on 0catch, Zelda Adventures was well on its way.

Byethost Transfer
In July, 2007, Carl met Link-NM on an old Zelda fansite called "Zelda Ultimate." Link-NM offered to help out with Zelda Adventures, introducing Carl to a far better host known as Byethost. This new host wasn't ridden with annoying ads and allowed far more customization as far as coding was concerned. Byethost also allowed users to install an SMF forum, which they did on July 26, 2007. The crew also made a slightly less horrid design when they transfered over to Byethost, pictured below.

Zelda Adventures V3
Click on the image to view a larger version.

Switch to ".com"
Around November of 2007, things were going pretty well for Zelda Adventures. The forum was active, the site was getting content updates on a regular basis, and Carl and Joey were getting more and more skilled in HTML coding. Eventually, they changed the site from an HTML base to PHP, allowing them to update "head" and "foot" files to make global changes to the site, as opposed to editing each individual page. "The King of Hyrule," webmaster of Zelda Capital and friend of Carl's, offered to provide Zelda Adventures with a better design. Carl accepted the offer and Zelda Adventures transformed dramatically.

Zelda Adventures V3
Click on the image to view a larger version.

In December of 2007 Carl was contacted by Joey Anderson, who offered to host the website for free as he did with several other websites at the time. Zelda Adventures moved to a ".com" address after that, and Joey Anderson has been graciously hosting the website ever since.

First Birthday
Zelda Adventures celebrated its first birthday on June 14, 2008. On that day they launched a brand new design, created by former Zelda Ultimate webmaster Swiftblade. Regular updates and content building continued throughout 2008, and many variations of Swiftblade's design were created. Zelda Adventures seemed to switch color schemes every three months or so and eventually became an inside joke between the core members of the staff and community.
Zelda Adventures V4
Click on the image to view a larger version.

Adding Nintendo Content
In early 2009, the crew decided to branch out from just The Legend of Zelda series and create content for a variety of Nintendo games. Writing reviews became a large part of Zelda Adventures in early 2009 and this is when Carl decided Journalism would be his future career path. The early parts of 2009 also brought about a new design for Zelda Adventures, based off a reto Zelda look.

Zelda Adventures V5
Click on the image to view a larger version.

Becoming iNintendo
In mid-2009 the crew decided it was time to ditch Zelda Adventures and turn into a Nintendo oriented site. They decided to settle on the name "iNintendo" and launched a Joomla version of the website. Lost in the depths of the Internet, the Joomla version of iNintendo was an ugly mess. The crew almost gave up on the website completely until they created a brand new design based off a template found on All the content from Joomla was transfered over to the new PHP-based site in about a week's time, and when the sleek new design was launched Joey Anderson offered to change the domain from to 2009 was a great year for the site, but when 2010 rolled around, iNintendo was put on hiatus and it looked like it would never return. Carl got a writing gig with, where he became the Nintendo Editor and PR Manager and helped that site grow larger. Carl went to E3 2010 with RoboAwesome and shared links to his various previews with the iNintendo forum, which was barely alive. In September of 2010 Carl ran into some differences with RoboAwesome's owner and decided to return to iNintendo. With his experience in video game Journalism and Public Relations, Carl began a revival process with longtime friends Chris and Joey. iNintendo grew at a fast rate and became better than it ever was, thanks to the help of Autydi, webmaster of Link's Hideaway, who assisted the team in creating a design that is incredibly easy to navigate and flashy at the same time.