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Affiliation Rules and Guidelines

Want to affiliate with iNintendo? Awesome! First, make sure your own site meets our guidelines:

  • It must relate to Nintendo in some way (including Nintendo franchises like Zelda and Mario, though exceptions can be made for general gaming sites).
  • No illegal or adult content may be on your site.
  • Your site cannot be forum only.
  • Your site must provide iNintendo with a link back on every page of your site, since we will be doing the same for you.

  • If you feel your site meets these standards, then feel free to e-mail us at carl [at] inintendo [dot] net !

    Our button:

    Be sure to include the following information in your e-mail:
  • Your site's name
  • Your site's URL
  • A message telling a little bit about your site, as well as how you found iNintendo.

  • That's all!